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Garvey Nation is very different from other programs and websites, and is truly unique in the following ways:

1. A Nation For Black People

Garvey Nation is a member-only organization specifically for Black people (people of native African descent).

We currently have 77,304 Citizens and Tourists in 158 countries around the world. We are working together to get millions of Black people buying from Black-owned business in this Nation, consistently. Entire teams of our members work together daily on specific tasks to achieve this goal. We will use this economic power to solve the problems of our race.

2. Produced by TAG TEAM Marketing
Members of TAG TEAM Marketing

Garvey Nation is organized and produced by Black-owned and operated TAG TEAM Marketing.

TAG TEAM Marketing has over 29 years of experience marketing to Black consumers and empowering the Black community. The co-founders of TAG TEAM Marketing are two of the most successful Black people in the marketing industry.

3. We Sell Actual Black-Made Products
Black-Made Products

We feature the products of Black-owned businesses who own their own companies and make their products. This is unique since most Black businesses resell products made by other races.

By selling the products of actual Black manufacturers, our sales bring revenue directly into the Black race, as opposed to sending money to other races who make products. As we grow our sales, our Black business owners grow their manufacturing capacity, create Black wealth, hire more Black people and reduce Black unemployment.

4. We Warehouse All Our Products
Black-Made Products on Warehouse Shelves

We warehouse all of the products of our Suppliers (Black-owned businesses). When orders come in, we pack each box ourselves and ship them to Black consumers all over the world.

By fulfilling our own orders, we are able to employ Black people, ensure the highest quality of each order we process, and help the race develop expertise and strength in the shipping industry. Furthermore, by putting multiple products from different Black businesses in the same box, we save Black consumers on shipping costs.

5. We Market and Sell For Black Businesses
Marketing For Black Businesses

Our nationwide marketing team promotes the products of our Black business owners (Suppliers) and gets Black consumers to order them online.

Most websites only offer online listings for businesses and/or their products, with the hope that Black consumers will visit and purchase them. Some spend money outside our race by advertising with social media companies. Here, on the other hand, we employ the Black community. Our talented, all-Black marketing team contacts Black consumers directly and generates product sales. Our team has produced hundreds of thousands of sales of Black-made products and services, so far.

6. We Ship Each Order Ourselves
Shipping Orders

Each time an order gets placed, our team picks the products from our shelves, packs the order into a box and then ships it directly to the customer.

Most websites that list products on behalf of other businesses, leave the shipping to that business. That means that when you order three products, you have to pay three separate shipping charges and wait for three separate packages to get shipped.

When you order multiple products from Garvey Nation, they all get shipped professionally, quickly, at highest quality, and usually in one box, saving you shipping costs.

7. We Host Live Events
Live Events

We host live events weekly that promote Garvey Nation, buying Black and the advancement of our race. These include conference calls, business presentations, Black history events, training seminars, cultural events and conventions.

Many of our events are broadcast live on our website for our members to watch all over the world. Our events transform the lives of Black people all over the world and have become legendary.

8. We Host A Powerful Online Community
Powerful Online Community

Garvey Nation features a powerful Online Community where Black people all over the world work together in positive, distraction-free, African-centered environment.

Our Citizens vist our online community each day to be inspired, interact with each other, promote Garvey Nation, purchase Black-made products and services, invite their friends and achieve daily goals. Citizens earn rewards, recognition and prizes for their participation.

9. We Offer a Powerful Citizen Rewards Program
Customer Opening Box

Our Citizen Rewards Program is a powerful benefits program for Black consumers. Garvey Nation members become "Citizens" by setting up an automatic monthly product (or service) order.

Citizens receive many benefits, including discounted prices, rewards dollars for their purchases and those of others they refer, and much more. Citizens can spend their rewards dollars like cash for Black-made products & services. It's quite simply the best buying program on earth.

10. An Economic Purpose
TAG TEAM Marketers With A Single Purpose

A unique thing about Garvey Nation is that all of our Citizens buy from Black-owned businesses in this Nation, consistently. This cannot be said of any other nation we know of.

We realize that by bringing millions of Citizens into Garvey Nation, we will create great revenue, countless jobs, pride, self-respect and dignity for our race. Furthermore, with this economic power, we will work together to solve the problems of our race. With this focus, we have achieved phenomenal success so far, and are getting closer to achieving our ultimate goals, every day.

11. Our Nation Honors Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey

Garvey Nation is based on the tremendous work of Marcus Garvey a century ago. We are working to finish the job he started by building a strong Nation in his honor with a solid economic foundation for the race.

As a result, we make every effort to honor and represent Marcus Garvey in Garvey Nation. We teach Marcus Garvey's philosophy at our events, in our videos, in our printed materials and in our online community. Also, our website features an extensive section on Marcus Garvey, a quote from Marcus Garvey on every page, and even a search engine for Marcus Garvey's quotes.

12. Lots of Black People Earn Income Here
Member Receiving Paycheck

Garvey Nation was specifically designed to generate tremendous income for the Black race. All Citizens earn income of some type:

  • Black people who MAKE the products (Suppliers) earn income every time one of their products is sold.
  • Black people who SELL the products (Marketers) earn income from purchases made by people they refer.
  • Black people who BUY the products (Citizens) earn rewards dollars for every purchase they make.

Garvey Nation is unmatched in this regard. Tens of thousands of paychecks have been sent to Black families all over the world, so far. This movement is truly fulfilling Marcus Garvey's goal: "It is absolutely necessary that the Negro builds an economic structure sufficiently strong enough to feed the arteries of his existence."

13. We Have Achieved Extraordinary Success
Buy Black Movement Graph

We have achieved extraordinary success uniting Black consumers with the products and services of Black-owned businesses. With our all-Black staff and marketing, warehouse and corporate teams, we have sold, shipped and delivered 256,576 products so far, generating incredible incomes for Black families all over the world. This Buy Black Movement "engine" is now the engine under the hood that powers Garvey Nation.

Ready To Make a Difference?

Our unique mix of features and activities make Garvey Nation tremendously effective at achieving its goals of empowering the Black race. Furthemore, Garvey Nation features powerful opportunities for Black people all over the world to participate in and earn by uniting and empowering the members of our race. In all, Garvey Nation is truly unique and unmatched in the world today.

Marcus Garvey
"Organization is a great power in directing the affairs of a race or nation toward a given goal."
Marcus Garvey
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