Discount Sets
Ultimate Black History DVD Bundle Black History DVD Bundle $129.95
Shepherd's Harvest Health Set Harvest Health Set $71.96
Ice & Snow Non-Slip Bundle Ice and Snow Non-Slip Bundle $35.90
Motherland's Gold Moringa Complete Set Moringa Complete Set $382.33
Motherland’s Gold Moringa Tea - Variety Pack Moringa Tea Variety Pack $152.94
Shepherd's Harvest Muscadine Grape Set Muscadine Grape Set $53.98
Of The Black Race 3-DVD Set Of The Black Race 3-DVD Set $107.97
Black History Poster Pak Poster Pak $119.99
Ultimate Credit Empowerment Set Ultimate Credit Set $99.99
Yangu Complete Skincare Kit Yangu Complete Skincare Kit $299.99
Yangu Starter Set for Dry & Mature Skin Yangu Starter Set Dry Skin $144.00
Yangu Starter Set for Oily Skin Yangu Starter Set Oily Skin $144.00
Yangu Ultimate Startup Kit Yangu Ultimate Starter Kit $180.00
Marcus Garvey
"Visualize for yourself and your children and generations unborn, your own king, emperor, president, your own government officials and administrators, who look like you."
Marcus Garvey
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