Marcus Garvey 'Organize' Print

Marcus Garvey 'Organize' Print

Marcus Garvey 'Organize' Print

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This GORGEOUS poster features a powerful photo of Marcus Garvey sitting in Madison Square Garden at the 1924 U.N.I.A. Convention, as well as 10 RARE photos of his organization almost 100 years ago. In this amazing photo, see:

  • one of Garvey's Black Star Line steamships
  • one of Garvey's stores in New York City
  • Garvey's Liberty Hall in New York
  • Members at U.N.I.A. convention
  • Members inside Liberty Hall in Harlem
  • Garvey''s African Legion
  • Garvey's Universal African Motor Corp
  • Garvey and leaders watching U.N.I.A. parade
  • Garvey's Black Cross Nurses
  • Garvey's U.N.I.A. Parade in Harlem

Each photo includes a caption explaining what it is, making this a powerful educational tool.

If you are inspired by Marcus Garvey or want your family and friends to learn about this great Black man, buy and display this beautiful historic poster in your home or office.

The poster is printed on glossy photographic paper and measures 24 inches by 36 inches (standard poster size).  It includes a half inch white border (for framing).

Order yourself this stunning Marcus Garvey poster print today!

*All posters may take up to 7 days to ship, to allow for printing time. 

Poster $29.99 10 points
Marcus Garvey
"In the past, we have worked separately and individually. Now, we are going to organize!"
Marcus Garvey
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