Dr. Natural’s Hair Locking Gel

Dr. Natural’s Hair Locking Gel

Dr. Natural’s Hair Locking Gel

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For centuries, the Massai in Africa have used natural ingredients to lock their hair. Use these same natural ingredients to maintain your locks naturally. Our hair locking gel:

  • Holds and maintain the hair
  • Nourishes your hair naturally
  • Applicable for both men and women
  • Lock and Twist hair naturally

Perfect for both men and women.

Experience the difference that natural products can make on your hair. Order a jar today.

8 oz

8 oz jar $9.99 1 point
1 Customer Testimonial
D. D.

I'm a proverbial creature of habit. When I find something that works for me, I will use that product forever. lol. I've been using the same locking gel for more than 5 years with no complaints. I decided to give Dr. Natural’s Hair Locking Gel a try. I love how it feels in my hair, my loc twists stay in place for days and it doesn't left a flaky build-up in my hair. I'm happy to say that I will be using this gel again.

D. D.
Marcus Garvey
"A leader's hair should always be well kept."
Marcus Garvey
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