TRU Legacy Garvey 'Get Organized' Shirt

TRU Legacy Garvey 'Get Organized' Shirt

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Marcus Garvey was responsible for a major feat in modern history: organizing the Black community. Garvey’s UNIA successfully organized 6 million Black people worldwide into 1 group, which had the purpose of creating an independent world for Black people. As Marcus Garvey said, “Get Organized and You Will Compel the World to Respect You.” These great words have been immortalized with our Garvey Organize Shirts. Comes in white and baby blue!




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This shirt features an original design by TRU Legacy Creationz! All our shirts are manufactured using sublimation, which involves putting ink directly into the fabric. The result is a long-lasting and higher-quality design with no textural difference. These shirts are also more resistant to fading.


All shirts are in adult unisex sizing, breathable and lightweight.

Fabric blend: 100% polyester

Shirt Color: white or baby blue (choose below)


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Colors may vary slightly from photos.

Unisex - White - Large $39.99 7 points
Unisex - White - XL $39.99 7 points
Unisex - White - 3XL $44.99 7 points
Unisex - Baby Blue - Large $39.99 7 points
Unisex - Baby Blue - XL $39.99 7 points
Unisex - Baby Blue - 4XL $49.99 7 points
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N. T.

I love this Garvey 'Get Organized' T-Shirt by TRU Legacy Creationz in blue. It feels and looks incredible!!! Amazing and Pure Awesomeness! 

N. T.
Marcus Garvey
"You should teach Negroes to have pride in their own nationality and teach them not to try to wear garments that typify membership in other nationalities. "
Marcus Garvey
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