Sankofa Kemet - My First Trip To The Motherland 1st Trip To Motherland $19.99
A Treasure Within A Treasure Within $15.00
Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations Honoring Our Anc. Obligations $29.99
A Kwanzaa Awakening - Lessons for the Community Kwanzaa Awakening $19.99
ParentPower! The Keys to Your Child's Academic and Social Success Parent Power $19.99
Student Creed Poster Poster: Student Creed $19.99
Sugarfoots Doll - Blue Nile - Cinnamon Skin Sugarfoots Blue Nile Cinnamon $99.97
Marcus Garvey
"Tell Negro parents that they must teach their children Negro history, Negro pride and self-respect in their homes to counteract the elementary and high school education they get that holds up the superiority of the white race."
Marcus Garvey
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