Sankofa Kemet - My First Trip To The Motherland

Sankofa Kemet - My First Trip To The Motherland

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What would it be like to go on the journey of a lifetime... A trip to Egypt?

12-year old author, Jahbari Akua tells his fascinating story of first learning about this magnificent ancient African civilization, then the incredible 11-day odyssey in his book Sankofa Kemet: My First Trip to the Motherland.

Children and families will experience the wonderful journey through Jahbari's eyes as he takes them to each of the sites and monuments he saw.  Join Jahbari as he sails the Nile, stands at the foot of the Great Pyramid, stands face-to-face with the Horemakhet (Sphinx), and walks between the colossal pillars of the sacred temples.

This book also contains an epilogue detailing how this journey was both the culmination and continuation of a family tradition.  Lastly, the book contains an Activity Guide full of classroom activities and home activities aimed at increasing reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and cultural awareness.

Praise for Sankofa Kemet: My First Trip to the Motherland:

From the Introduction by Anthony T. Browder

"Within the pages of Sankofa Kemet: My First Trip to the Motherland,Jahbari and Chike Akua have returned to the source and given us a roadmap for building strong and loving relationships between fathers, sons, and communities.  The Akua family members are twenty-first century knowledge keepers who provide us with a model of family values that is sorely needed and worth emulating."

      Anthony T. Browder, Author & Cultural Historian
      Finding Karakhamun, Egypt on the Potomac, & Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization   

From the Foreword by Dr. Runoko Rashidi

"Here we have a new work by one of our cherished youth--brother Jahbari Akua.  Through a firsthand view, as an eyewitness, he captures the essence of what made African people great and what Africans are capable of."

      Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Author & Historian
      Global African Presence

Book $19.99 2 points
Marcus Garvey
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Marcus Garvey
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