Eye of Heru Chain

Eye of Heru Chain

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This beautiful jewelry piece was inspired by the ancient Black Egyptian culture. The Eye of Heru (also called the Eye of Ra) was a symbol used very often in ancient Egyptian art and architecture. It is a protective symbol which also represents spiritual enlightenment, luck, wisdom, health and power.

Eye of Heru Papyrus

The pendant itself is plated with 18k gold and measures 1-inch by 0.9-inches. It comes with a stylish 18 inch Franco chain. Wearing the Eye of Heru Chain is meant to connect you to your ancestral greatness while also strengthening your power. Order yours today!

Chain $52.99 13 points
Marcus Garvey
"All the original Pharoahs were Black. Tutankamun, whose bones and body were dug up not very long ago at Luxor in Egypt, was a Black Pharoah. The Sphinx, in Egypt, which has stood through the millenniums, has black features. It is evident that as art it was portrayed to teach us of the greatness of men."
Marcus Garvey
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