Ancient Aura Jewelry
We make unique Afrocentric jewelry pieces that celebrate and uplift Black culture. Our pieces are made with a base metal of stainless steel, brass or alloy and then covered in real 18K Gold PVD plating.
African Mask Necklace African Mask Necklace $54.99
Black Panther Necklace Black Panther Necklace $67.99
Conscious Queen Mask Necklace Consc. Queen Necklace $47.99
Dainty Ankh Necklace Dainty Ankh Necklace $52.99
Deluxe Haile Selassie Chain (*Limited Edition*) Deluxe Haile Selassie Chain $107.99
Deluxe Huey P Newton Chain Deluxe Huey P Newton Chain $114.99
Deluxe Malcolm X Chain Deluxe Malcolm X Chain $142.99
Deluxe Marcus Garvey Chain (*Limited Edition*) Deluxe Marcus Garvey Chain $119.99
Deluxe Thoth (Tehuti) Chain Deluxe Thoth (Tehuti) Chain $172.99
Eye of Heru Chain Eye of Heru Chain $52.99
Gye Nyame Adinkra Necklace Gye Nyame Necklace $47.99
Kente Africa Chain Kente Africa Chain $42.99
Ma'at Necklace Ma'at Necklace $47.99
Marcus Garvey Necklace Marcus Garvey Necklace $54.99
Medium Ankh Chain Medium Ankh Chain $34.99
Mineral Rich Motherland Necklace Mineral Rich Mothrlnd Necklace $47.99
Nefertiti Outline Necklace Nefertiti Necklace $42.99
Olmec Head Necklace Olmec Head Necklace $67.99
RBG Ankh Necklace RBG Ankh Necklace $47.99
RBG Black Power Fist Necklace RBG Fist Necklace $57.99
Ancient Aura Jewelry
"I watched my father & grandfather die shorty after retiring from blue-collar jobs. I was working at the Post Office and as a father, I knew I had to create a new genetic path for my progeny. So I left and started Ancient Aura Jewelry."
Ancient Aura Jewelry
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