A Treasure Within

A Treasure Within

A Treasure Within

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Enjoy three wonderful short stories in which young people have encounters with ancient African ancestors, to learn about our traditional culture and values. Each of the three stories in this wonderful book truly inspires the reader:


A Treasure Within:
Marcus is trying to make the grades to go to a summer basketball camp. But will a recent fight and suspension ruin his plans? Ptahotep, guides Marcus through the mistakes he made in the past and helps him chart a course for the future.

A Reason for Being:
Imani likes Jamal. Kia insists that Imani should wear the “right” clothes to get Jamal’s attention. But when Imani is caught violating the school dress code and her parents’ dress code, will she be able to get his attention? Ma’at shares with Imani the ancient wisdom which helps her tap the hidden power within and assists her in making better decisions.

Daniel & the Djembe Drum:
Disillusioned by the death of his father and the mounting peer pressure to engage in self-destructive behavior, Daniel finds Babatunde, a master drummer from Ghana. Can Babatunde, through the ancient art of drumming, help him face the pressures of growing up and dealing with the death of his father?

In these three compelling short stories, Marcus, Imani, and Daniel learn to operate in today’s world with the moral, cultural, and spiritual wisdom of the Ancestors. Each are taken back in time to learn higher knowledge from ancient African Ancestral Guides.




(optional) Parent / Teacher Resource Guide
The Parent / Teacher Guide is the complete companion to the book 'A Treasure Within'. Use this guide to instruct your child while they read 'A Treasure Within'.  This book includes a complete companion curriculum that can be used to do extra activities related to the stories in A Treasure Within.  These activities are designed to improve reading comprehension, writing, and grammar skills.


“A Treasure Within is the book that many of us have been waiting for. The deep thinking of Ancient Africa is grasped and communicated clearly through these three powerful stories. Families, counselors, teachers, and the community in general, can relate directly to these stories… I am thankful for this outstanding contribution to our mental and spiritual liberation. Our Ancestors are pleased. Amun is satisfied.”

Asa G. Hilliard III, Ed.D.
Profesor of Urban Education, Georgia State University


"A Treasure Within is a remarkable collection of stories with a broad appeal to all youth.  The stories instruct, develop moral character, adn entertain at the same time. The accompanying Parent/Teacher Resource Guide is  a great and useful addition to this wonderful collection."

Dr. William Hammond, Reading Instructional Corrdinator
Dekalb County Schools, Atlanta, Georgia



Book $15.00 2 points
Parent/Teacher Resource Guide $19.99 2 points
Book & Parent/Teacher Guide $27.99 4 points
Marcus Garvey
"Tell Negro parents that they must teach their children Negro history, Negro pride and self-respect in their homes to counteract the elementary and high school education they get that holds up the superiority of the white race."
Marcus Garvey
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