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Our BLACK HISTORY POWER PAK! is our flagship product. As a full curriculum, it contains books, DVDs and CDs to increase and improve reading comprehension, cultural awareness, and character development. We have something for everyone in the family.
Sankofa Kemet - My First Trip To The Motherland 1st Trip To Motherland $19.99
A Treasure Within A Treasure Within $15.00
African Origins Of Our Faith African Faith Pack $9.99
Ultimate Black History DVD Bundle Black History DVD Bundle $129.95
Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations Honoring Our Anc. Obligations $29.99
Kemetic Timeline Posters Kemetic Timeline Poster $19.99
A Kwanzaa Awakening - Lessons for the Community Kwanzaa Awakening $19.99
Kwanzaa Poster Kwanzaa Poster $19.99
Magnificent Black Women In History - Volume 1 Mag Black Women Vol1 $29.99
Majesty of the Moors Moors DVD $29.99
ParentPower! The Keys to Your Child's Academic and Social Success Parent Power $19.99
Black History Poster Pak Poster Pak $119.99
Seven Principles of Ma'at Poster Poster: 7 Principles of Ma'at $19.99
African Mathematics Poster Poster: Ancient Mathematics $19.99
Anna Julia Cooper Poster Poster: Anna J Cooper $19.99
Arthur Schomburg Poster Poster: Arthur Schomburg $19.99
Booker T. Washington Poster Poster: Booker T. Washington $19.99
Carter G Woodson Poster Poster: Carter G Woodson $19.99
Elijah Muhammad Poster Poster: Elijah Muhammad $19.99
Fannie Lou Hamer Poster Poster: Fannie Lou Hamer $19.99
Frederick Douglass Poster Poster: Frederick Douglass $19.99
Harriet Tubman Poster Poster: Harriet Tubman $19.99
Hatshepsut Poster Poster: Hatsheput $19.99
Ida B. Wells Poster Poster: Ida B Wells $19.99
Imhotep Poster Poster: Imhotep $19.99
James Baldwin Poster Poster: James Baldwin $19.99
John Henrik Clarke Poster Poster: John Henrik Clarke $19.99
Malcolm X Poster Poster: Malcolm X $19.99
Marcus Garvey Poster Poster: Marcus Garvey $19.99
Mary McLeod Bethune Poster Poster: Mary Bethune $19.99
Mentuhotep Poster Poster: Mentuhotep $19.99
Martin Luther King, Jr. Poster Poster: MLK $19.99
Muhammad Ali Poster Poster: Muhammad Ali $19.99
Paul Robeson Poster Poster: Paul Robeson $19.99
Ptahhotep Poster Poster: Ptahhotep $19.99
Queen Nefartari Poster Poster: Queen Nefartari $19.99
Queen Tiye Poster Poster: Queen Tiye $19.99
Ralph Ellison Poster Poster: Ralph Ellison $19.99
Seshat Poster Poster: Seshat $19.99
Student Creed Poster Poster: Student Creed $19.99
African Sacred Science: What Does It Mean To Be Black? What Does It Mean To Be Black $29.99
How To Write A Book In 30 Days Write a Book In 30 Days DVD $39.99
Imani Enterprises
"Often times in our community, we see people who have consciousness but no capital or people who have capital and no consciousness. I got into this business to help raise capital AND consciousness!"
Imani Enterprises
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