As a Citizen of Garvey Nation, you will enjoy many amazing benefits. As the nation continues to grow, more and more benefits will be added.
1. Discount Pricing On Products
Black-Made Products

As a Citizen, you will enjoy special discount pricing on products in our online store, including our top-selling brands like Motherland's Gold and Ebony Secret. Products that offer Citizen discounts say so right above the price on their page in our online store.

2. FREE U.S. Shipping On Orders 50 Points Or Higher
Free Shipping Truck

As a Citizen, you will receive FREE shipping in the Continental United States on orders worth 50 POINTS or higher. (Non-Citizens have to purchase at least 100 points for free shipping).

This is a HUGE BENEFIT and cost-saver!

3. Choose Your Own Website Link
Brother typing on his phone

As a Citizen, you are entitled to your own website link that you can use to refer others to Garvey Nation.

For instance, let's say your name is "Malik Johnson". You could choose "malik" as your website link. Then, when referring someone to Garvey Nation, you could give them your link:

When they type it in on their device, the website will say, "Invited By Malik Johnson" and there will be a "Sign Up" button. When they sign up, you will get credit for referring them and earn Garvey Rewards from their purchases.

4. Earn Garvey Rewards For Your Purchases
Salimah Displaying Her Garvey Rewards Check

As a Citizen, you will earn spendable Garvey Rewards for your purchases. Garvey Rewards are awarded based on your CITIZEN LEVEL (amount of points worth of products you are committed to purchasing each month) and the POINTS of your purchase (each product in our online store is worth a certain number of points).

For instance, per the chart below, if you are a 'Citizen 25' and purchase products worth 10 points total, then you would earn 4% (40 cents) in Garvey Rewards. If you are a 'Citizen 100' and purchase products worth 100 points total, you would earn 8% (eight dollars) in Garvey Rewards.

Earn Garvey Rewards From Your Purchases Based On Your Citizen Level
Level 10 25 50 100
From Your Purchases 2% 4% 6% 8%
5. Invite Others & Earn Garvey Rewards From Their Purchases
Sister Referring Another Sister To Garvey Nation

Let your friends and family members know about Garvey Nation. Invite them to sign up for free using your personal website link. When they make purchases, you will earn rewards dollars. When you refer someone who becomes a Citizen, earn DOUBLE the rewards from their purchases.

Refer Others, Earn Rewards From THEIR Purchases, Based On YOUR Citizen Level
LEVEL 10 25 50 100
From Citizens .5% 1% 1.5% 2%
From Non-Citizens .25% .5% .75% 1%
6. Spend your rewards dollars like cash for Black-made products
Brother receiving free products

Each quarter, rewards checks are issued for all purchases made by you and your personally referred members during the previous quarter.

You can spend your rewards dollars like cash in our Rewards Store to purchase certain rewards-level products and services from Black-owned businesses and have them delivered to your door.

7. Full Access To Online Community
Excited Sister Looking At Computer On Couch

The heart of Garvey Nation is the amazing, visually stunning, online community. This is where Citizens interact, communicate, participate in online actiivites, unite and build Garvey Nation. Many Citizens report that it is the most beautiful and positive community they've ever seen on the Internet. Our online community is only open to CITIZENS.

In addition to accessing the Online Community, as a Citizen, you also have access to the other Citizen-Only sections of Garvey Nation, including:

  • TAG TEAM News
  • TAG TEAM University
  • TAG TEAM Events
8. FREE Pay-Per-View Video of the Month
Brother Watching Computer Screen

TAG TEAM Marketing has produced many powerful, inspiring and educational videos that have been sold all over the world. The videos are available to stream online on TAG TEAM TV on a Pay-Per-View basis. These include best-sellers like "The Greatness of the Black Race", "The TRUTH About Africa" and "The Trillion Dollar Game They Don't Want Black People To Know About".

Each month, one Pay-Per-View video is selected and Citizens get to watch it for FREE on TAG TEAM TV.

9. Receive great recognition for your support
Receiving Top Citizen Trophy

As a Citizen, you will appear throughout the website. Become one of the top Citizens and get shown on our scoreboards & possibly even listed in our Hall of Fame. You may even receive an award at our annual convention.

Become a part of the historic, record of Black people that supported Garvey Nation and helped bring prosperity to the Black race.

10. Become an Honored Member of our Race
Citizen Called For Award
10,000 Honored Afrikan
9,000 Cornerstone
8,000 Vanguard
7,000 Benefactor
6,000 Patron
5,000 Luminary
4,500 Partisan
4,000 V.I.P.
3,500 Mogul
3,000 Dignitary
2,500 Principal
2,000 Champion
1,500 Superstar
1,000 Pacesetter
750 Trendsetter
500 Trailblazer
400 Pioneer
300 Protagonist
200 Proponent
100 Contributor
50 Participant
10 Initiate

As you make your monthly purchases, you get credit for the points of the products you purchase. Over time, you accumulate points and earn higher and higher ranks (see chart).

Earn your way to Honored Afrikan (10,000 points purchased without missing a month) and take your place as permanent royalty in Garvey Nation.

Ready to receive these great benefits?

Become a Citizen of Garvey Nation. Purchase top-quality Black-made products from amazing Black-owned businesses, monthly. Help Black businesses grow and help create a great future for our race.

Marcus Garvey
"It pays to patronize your own."
Marcus Garvey
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