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1. Decide on your Citizen Level
10 25 50 100

Each product in our online store is worth a certain number of points. The more points you purchase, the more benefits you will receive. As you add products to your shopping cart, your points add up. Decide how many points worth of products you are willing to purchase each month at a minimum. Choose either 10, 25, 50 or 100 points. You can change your Citizen Level at any time.

2. Then, place an order in our online store and choose "YES" to become a Citizen

Visit our online store. Add products to your cart worth enough points for your desired Citizen Level (at least 10 points). At checkout, click "YES" to become a Citizen, follow the instructions and then place your order. That will set-up your automatic monthly product order and make you an official Citizen of Garvey Nation.

3. Change your order to different products each month (if you like)
Sister Changing Her Order

Each month, you can choose different products for your monthly order or leave it the same. Feel free to try new products each month or continue to purchase the ones you love.

To add more products to your monthly order, just shop in our online store and click "Add To Citizen Order" (instead of "Add To Cart").

Ready to make a difference?

Become a Citizen of Garvey Nation. Purchase top-quality Black-made products from amazing Black-owned businesses each month. Enjoy great benefits. Help Black businesses grow and help create a great future for our race.

Marcus Garvey
"It is time for you to support the movement and make it the success that you want it to be. Make your support not a half-hearted one, but make it a whole-hearted one."
Marcus Garvey
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