Frequently Asked

Is there a fee to become a Citizen?

No. There is not a separate fee to become a Citizen, but you must place an order to begin. To get started, visit our Online Store, add products to your cart worth at least 10 points and during checkout, select "YES" to become a Citizen.

Do I have to commit to buying for a certain period of time to be a Citizen?

No. There is no minimum term or contract period. You can cancel at any time.

How will I benefit from being a Citizen?

For a full list of Citizen benefits, check out our Benefits page

What does being a Citizen do to help the Black community?

Citizen buy from Black-owned businesses in Garvey Nation, consistently. This brings much needed revenue to the Black business owners who produce the products. This revenue allows Black businesses to produce more products, hire more employees, expand, grow and thrive. This also brings income to the TAG TEAM Marketers who promote the products. This is also how Garvey Nation grows, which is here to solve the problems of our race. Furthermore, being a Citizen also helps Black consumers experience and fall in love with the great products of the Black race, which instills race pride and self-esteem.


What products will I receive discounts on as a Citizen?

As a Citizen, you receive discounts on specific products in our online store including our best-selling Motherland's Gold Moringa and Ebony Secret product lines. Browse our online store. If the product offers a special discount for Citizens, it will be listed right above the price on the product's full page. More and more Citizen discounts are being added.

How much are the discounts I will receive?

Citizen discounts vary by product. Check out each product in our online store for details.

Will I receive discounts on my first order?

No. Once you place your first order and become a Citizen, discounts begin with your next order.

Do I get Citizen discounts if I place a regular order in the online store?

Yes. Citizen discounts are available for whenever you purchase.

If I make regular purchases worth more than my Citizen commitment, can I skip this month's Citizen order?

Yes. If you make purchases worth more points than your Citizen level, you have the option of skipping your Citizen order for that month. So, if you are a Citizen 10 and you purchase at least 10 points from our online store before your Citizen order is due that month, you can skip your order. Just go to your Citizen Order page and look for the "Skip This Month's Order" button (it will only appear if you have already purchased enough points to satisfy your Citizen commitment that month).


How much will I earn in rewards?

You earn a rewards based on your Citizen level. For a full breakdown, see our How It Works page.

How much will I earn in rewards for referring others who purchase?

You earn a rewards based on your Citizen level. Earn double if they become a Citizen too! For a full breakdown, see our Overview page.

When will my rewards cash be issued?

Rewards checks are issued every quarter to Citizens who have accumulated $10 or more in rewards. Look for the next rewards issue date on your Rewards To Be Paid page.

Where can I spend my rewards cash?

You can spend your rewards cash to purchase products in our Citizen's Rewards Store. Once your rewards have been issued, you will see the option to make purchases with them. Rewards can NOT be spent on your monthly Citizen order or membership programs like TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity, Supplier Program or TAG TEAM University.

How can I earn more rewards, faster?

The two ways to earn more rewards is (1) become a higher level Citizen and (2) refer other Black people to the Buy Black Movement. The higher your Citizen Level (10, 25, 50 or 100), the more rewards you earn. When you refer others to this website who purchase, you earn rewards. If they become Citizens, you earn even more from their purchases. If you refer a lot of Black people who become Citizens, you can earn a lot of rewards each month from their purchases.

How can I refer a friend to become a Citizen, so I can earn from their purchases?

It's simple. Have your friend create a free account at Then, have them go shopping in the online store. When they place their order and it ships, you will receive rewards credit and it will appear on your Rewards To Be Paid page.


How do I change the card that is used for my monthly order?

Go to the Your Account section and in the Monthly Orders section, click on "Citizen Order". Then, select a different card (or add a new card).

What date will my credit card be charged for my monthly order?

Your next order will be charged to your credit card one month from the day that you signed up (unless you selected a different monthly order date). You can see the exact date by going to the Your Monthly Order page in the Your Account section of this website.

Can I change my monthly order date?

Yes. You can change your order date to any date of the month, between the 1st and 25th. To change your monthly order date, go to the Your Monthly Order page in the Your Account section of this website.

Can I skip ordering for a month and still remain a Citizen?

No. To remain a Citizen, you must buy Black consistently each month. All of the rewards and recognition in the Citizen program are based on your consistent monthly order. Remember, you can choose different products for your next order at any time.

What happens if I miss a month?

If you do not place a successful Citizen order in any calendar month, your Citizen status will be cancelled automatically, forfeiting your Citizen Status and any unissued rewards.

What happens if my card declines?

If your credit card declines, you will receive a "Shout Out" (Garvey Nation website message) letting you know. You should immediately log into the website and go to Your Monthly Order, add a different card and process your order. If you don't, we will attempt to re-run your card again in the days that follow. If your payment is not resolved within a few days, your Citizen order will be automatically canceled, forfeiting your Citizen Status and any accumulated rewards that have not been issued.

Can I pay with cash or can I mail in a check or money order?

No. You must provide a credit or debit card that gets billed monthly, to be a Citizen.

Upgrades / Downgrades / Cancellations

Can I upgrade to a higher or downgrade to a lower Citizen level?

Yes, you can change your Citizen level to 10, 25, 50 or 100 at any time. Simply go to Your Monthly Order page. Make sure you have enough points in your Citizen Order Cart to qualify for your new level. Then, click CHANGE where your current Citizen Level is listed.

How do I cancel my Citizenship?

To cancel your Citizenship and order, go to Your Monthly Order page, scroll to the bottom and click 'Cancel My Citizenship' and follow the directions.

If I cancel my Citizenship, what happens to my rewards?

If you cancel your Citizenship, all rewards that have not been issued already, will be forfeited. Any rewards that have already been issued to you, will remain on your account until you use them or they expire.

Ready to make a difference?

Become a Citizen of Garvey Nation. Purchase top-quality Black-made products from amazing Black-owned businesses, monthly. Receive discounts, rewards, access and recognition. Help Black businesses grow and help create a great future for our race.

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