Generate Income For Your Family

The TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity is a powerful business available to Citizens of Garvey Nation where you can earn income and make a huge difference in the Black community at the same time. Tell Black people you know about Garvey Nation. Let them know about the amazing programs, activities and Black-made products and services available here. Earn a percentage of the purchases they make in our online store. Help them to become Citizens and earn monthly income from their purchases.

The TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity gives you the:

  • ability to work from home
  • flexibility to work on your own schedule
  • ability to access your business from any Internet device
  • relief of no inventory to purchase or deliveries to make
  • freedom to build your business as big as you want
  • potential to finally earn what you are truly worth
  • ability to make a difference by building Garvey Nation

Get paid to bring money into the Black community by getting Black people to buy products and services from Black-owned businesses in Garvey Nation. Help create a thriving, self-sufficient Black race while building long-term income for your family.

A Massive Financial Opportunity

As Black people, we have an annual buying power (total income after taxes) of $1.8 trillion dollars in the U.S., but unlike other races who spend most of their money with businesses in their own race, we currently spend less than 3% of our money with Black-owned businesses. This leaves Black people without much wealth, without many successful businesses, jobs or institutions, and leaves millions of us dependent on welfare. This also creates a massive financial opportunity for our race...

Through TAG TEAM Marketing, you can help bring the other 97% of Black spending home to Black businesses, creating income, jobs, wealth and financial freedom for our race, like never before.

Trillion Dollars
Potential Growth
Join A Proven Company
TAG TEAM Marketing

TAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc. is an established company with a long track record of success marketing to the Black community:

  • Black owned and operated
  • fast-growing company
  • led by top industry leaders
  • 29 years marketing experience
  • largest company of our type
  • most successful of our type
Promote Amazing Products
Black Products

Tell Black people you know about our amazing products from the best Black-owned businesses in the world. When they make purchases, you earn a percentage of every sale. Our ever-growing list of Black-made products are:

  • top-of-the-line quality
  • reasonably priced
  • made by Black companies
  • healthy, safe and effective
  • tested and approved
  • widely acclaimed
  • made to uplift the race
Earn $$$ In 7 Different Ways

Finally, a chance to generate income for your family by helping the Black community grow. You can earn both immediate income and long-term 'passive income' (ongoing income from repeat sales). You can generate income in multiple ways:

  1. Earn income from the sales you make
  2. Get others involved and earn from their sales
  3. Build a large team of others and earn even more
  4. Earn a bonus for getting off to a fast start
  5. Earn for helping others get off to a fast start
  6. Earn for referring Suppliers to Garvey Nation
  7. Earn a percentage of ALL sales made by Marketers
Receive Legendary Training

We can teach you how to succeed. TAG TEAM Marketing's legendary training system has helped lots of Black people become successful. Learn from successful TAG TEAM Marketing leaders and become a TAG TEAM Marketing powerhouse.

Receive priceless training materials in the mail after you join. Attend powerful, weekly training events in person or participate live online / via telephone. Watch recorded training videos and listen to audio recordings online 24/7 from your computer, tablet, phone or other Internet-enabled device.

Make a Huge Difference
April and Lucretia Arthur Speaking on the Mic Bruce and Shamia Carton and Dorothy Carolyn speaking Cassondra, Michelle and Natascha Claudina and Erroll Darlene and Larry Robinson Dorothy C., Brenda and Dorothy B, Dorothy and Toni with their new TAG TEAM Marketing hats Janice smiling Kie, Arleen, Billie and Dennis LB speaking on the mic Lucile speaking, Dennis and Toni in background Lucretia and Dorothy Sister Nadra posing Natascha holding her trophy with Delxino and Debbie Salimah clapping Sisters Group Hug Toni and Cassondra Los Angeles Team members holding their trophies Dorothy Cooper holding her trophies Chezyown and Nathaniel holding their trophies

The members of TAG TEAM Marketing make up an elite team of Black people that are committed to uplifting the Black race by building Garvey Nation. By working together to invite new Citizens, we are making a much bigger difference in the Black community than any of us ever could alone. So far, we have:

  • united 77,304 members in 158 countries
  • sold 256,572 products for Black businesses
  • recycled millions into the Black community
  • issued thousands of paychecks
  • changed Black lives all over the world

... and we are just getting started!
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Marcus Garvey
"There is but one solution, and that is to provide an outlet for Negro energy, ambition, and passion, away from the attractions of white opportunity and surround the race with opportunities of its own."
Marcus Garvey
There's only one thing left to do... Join The Team
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