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Why should I join this business opportunity?

The TAG TEAM Marketing is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Black people who passionately want to uplift the Black community. If that is your passion, and you like learning new skills, talking to Black people, having fun, earning income and making a difference, then this opportunity is for you.

Furthermore, creating an alternative way of earning money has never been more important for Black people. In today's economy, most Black people can't rely on jobs to achieve financial freedom. The TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity offers you a chance to get in on the massive ground-floor opportunity of Black-on-Black e-commerce, and generate long-term wealth for your Black family.

Lastly, TAG TEAM Marketing offers you a unique opportunity to earn income BY making a difference in the Black community. Every customer you refer, generates income for you and helps create a great future for the Black race.

How is the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity different from other business opportunities?

There are many differences between this and other business opportunities.

  1. TAG TEAM Marketing is a Black-owned, Black-operated company whose purpose is specifically to uplift the Black race.

  2. The TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity is specifically designed for Black people. Our program features unique training techniques, African cultural traditions, tailored educational content and professonal marketing practices all specifically designed for Black people to feel comfortable and succeed in a Black team environment.

  3. Unlike other opportunities, the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity specifically promotes the products and services of Black-owned businesses, which brings income, prosperity and wealth into the Black race.

  4. The TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity specifically empowers the Black race by creating wealth for Black people. Every time a product is sold, income is generated for the Black business owner and their staff that makes the product, the TAG TEAM Marketers that sell the products, as well as the all-Black staff that ships the product.

  5. We offer the best training and support system in the world. TAG TEAM Marketers are provided training online, live weekly events and printed manuals. Also, we also offer personal mentorship to each Marketer by leaders within the company. This unmatched level of personal care and support is the secret to our success.

  6. TAG TEAM Marketing is an exclusive team, meaning that all new members are interviewed and chosen. Not everyone can join. In an effort to avoid the mass failure experienced in most network marketing companies, we make sure that every new member knows exactly what it takes to succeed and has a realistic chance of success, and is a good fit for the team BEFORE allowing them to pay to join.

Do I have to be a Citizen of Garvey Nation to join this opportunity?

Yes. This opportunity is only available to Citizens of Garvey Nation. For information on Citizenship, CLICK HERE.

Do I have to be available full-time to work this business?

No. This is a business that you can start off doing in your spare time, a few hours per week. Most members work this business part-time, before or after their full-time jobs. When you first get started, you should work out a schedule of time to commit to this business that is comfortable for you.

Do I have to purchase product inventory each month to be a part of this opportunity?

No. You do not need to purchase any products to be a part of the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity.


When I refer to this website to shop, how do you know they were referred by me? Do I give them an ID number to type in?

No, we don't use ID numbers. Instead, we use custom website links.

When you sign up and become a TAG TEAM Marketer, you can create a custom link to our website and give that out to people you refer. For instance, if your name is Malik, you could create a website link like (as long as it is not already being used by another member). When your friends type in that special link, our system will automatically know you referred them and give you credit for any orders they place.

It only takes a minute to create a custom website link. As a TAG TEAM Marketer, you can create one or change the one you already have in the Your Account section of this website.


How much can I expect to earn as a TAG TEAM Marketer?

That is up to you. There is no limit or set expectation of earning. Your earning depends entirely on your efforts and the purchases made by customers you refer.

You may also introduce others to this TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity. If they become TAG TEAM Marketers and refer customers, you can earn income from the purchases of their customers as well.

For a full breakdown of how you can earn income in the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity, download our Compensation Plan.

Do I get paid on products that I purchase for personal use?

No. In the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity, you only earn income from products you get others to purchase. This is done purposely to discourage a widespread industry practice where distributors purchase products they do not need each month in order to qualify and earn. Here, you actually have to get others buying Black in order to advance in the program.

If I introduce a Black business owner to the Buy Black Movement, will I earn from every product they sell?

No. If you introduce a Black business owner who applies, gets approved and becomes a Supplier, you will earn a percentage of the monthly or annual Supplier membership fee they pay. To earn from products they sell, you must refer the customers who buy them.

How can I see my sales and how much I've earned?

As a TAG TEAM Marketer, you have access to an extensive 'Marketer back office' area of this website with tools to manage your business. With a click of a button, you can keep track of your customers, sales and earnings. You can also view your team of Marketers you have referred and track their progress. Furthermore, you can download documents, communicate with other Marketers, view Marketer-Only scoreboards and more.


What is a TEAM in TAG TEAM Marketing?

Teams are groups of TAG TEAM Marketers led by a Team Leader who work together to learn and practice TAG TEAM Marketing techniques, make sales and introduce others to the opportunity. Being a member of a team can be very inspiring, motivating and productive, and is considered the best way to succeed in TAG TEAM Marketing.

Do I have to work with one of the teams?

No, joining one of our teams is optional. If you qualify, you can join the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity and work as a 'Member At Large', completely independent of the teams.

What are the benefits of joining a team?

On a team, you get to work daily with one of our Team Leaders. Each day, you communicate with the Team Leader briefly who directs you and coaches you through the steps to success. The Team Leader keeps track of your progress, teaches you, advises you and helps you advance. While some prefer to work the business at their own pace without supervision, others prefer working in a more structured environment with a seasoned TAG TEAM Leader who guides them.

Another advantage of working on a team is that you get to work together with other members of the same team in a small group environment. This can be extremely inspiring, motivating and fun!

The most obvious benefit is that being a part of a team greatly increases your chance of success. By far, the most successful TAG TEAM Marketers are all members of one of our teams.

What is expected of me as a member of a team?

Each Team Leader has their own specific requirements to join their team. Those requirements are generally in addition to our general Marketer Expectations.

How do I join a team?

When you join the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity, someone will reach out to you or you can write in and request to join a team. Which team you are eligible for is automatically determined when you join the Buy Black Movement.

If you meet the criteria, a Team Leader will interview you and go over what is expected. Being accepted to a team is completely at the discretion of the Team Leader in charge of the team.


How do I change the card that is used for my monthly training & support fee?

Go to the Your Account section and in the Monthly Orders section, click on "TAG TEAM Opportunity Training & Support". Then, select a different card (or add a new card).

What date will my credit card be charged for my monthly training & support?

Your next order will be charged to your credit card one month from the day that you signed up. You can see the exact date by going to Your Account. In the Monthly Orders section, click on "TAG TEAM Marketing Training & Support" to view the Next Due Date.

What happens if my card declines?

If your credit card declines, you will receive an email letting you know. You should immediately log into the website, go to Your Account and in the Monthly Orders section, click on "TAG TEAM Opportunity Training & Support". Then, select a different card (or add a new card) and process your membership.

If not handled, we will attempt to re-run your card again in the days that follow.

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