Marketer Expectations
The TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity is not a typical network marketing opportunity. This program is specifically designed for positive, Black people who are committed to uplifting the Black race by building Garvey Nation. Here is what is expected of every member who joins the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity:
1. Belief In Black People
Belief In Black People

We believe that Black people are wonderful, beautiful and powerful people. To be a TAG TEAM Marketer, you should share this fundamental belief and sincerely want to participate in creating wealth, unity and prosperity for Black people all over the world.

2. Desire

To BE successful, you must first really WANT to be successful. Furthermore, your desire should motivate you to do the work necessary to achieve success. To be a successful TAG TEAM Marketer, you should have this desire and be ready to work.

3. Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude

You should be positive and friendly to be a member of TAG TEAM Marketing. We don't tolerate negative people. Furthermore, you must have a 'positive outlook' and expect to succeed. People who expect to succeed will usually find a way to do so.

4. Work Ethic
Work Ethic

For you to succeed in TAG TEAM Marketing, you must work. This includes making lots of calls to Black people you know to promote the Garvey Nation website and program, let them know about our Black-made products and tell them about this TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity. You must be willing to work hard to achieve success. Every Marketer is expected to produce new business every week.

5. Initiative

To become successful, you must be self motivated. Though we have a very motivating training and support system, you must motivate yourself to work each day and get the job done. You must take the initiative to perform the tasks necessary for success.

6. Coachability

You must have an open mind to succeed in TAG TEAM Marketing. You must learn, apply and master the proven TAG TEAM System of success. If someone thinks that they know everything already, they don't learn, and usually don't succeed.

7. Ethics

To be a TAG TEAM Marketer, you must conduct yourself in an ethical manner at all times. This includes not lying, exaggerating, stealing, cheating, having affairs or the like. In a team environment, personal ethics are critical to the survival of the team, and so unethical behaviour is not tolerated.

8. Money

It takes money to make money. Even though it is inexpensive to join TAG TEAM Marketing, you may pay to attend training events, purchase supplies, pay monthly dues (if participating in a local team), travel to events, etc. Though these expenses are small, you must spend money in order to succeed.

9. Consistent Time
Consistent Time

To succeed in TAG TEAM Marketing, it takes consistent time. Some members commit a few hours per week, some commit several hours per day. You will have to commit time to learn, participate on team conference calls, attend meetings, train, sell products and services, introduce others, etc.

10. Long-Term Vision
Long-Term Vision

To really succeed, you must participate in the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity long-term. You should set a long-term gameplan and work your way to the top of the Compensation Plan, teach others to do the same, and make a major impact in the Black community.

Marcus Garvey
"We need men of courage, men of valor, men of daring who will go forth fearing nothing, heeding nothing but God. We want men who will blaze their way through oceans of opposition toward the given goal. We want men who are determined on the righteousness of the cause that we represent to go forth and champion it."
Marcus Garvey
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