Only $299.99 to sign up + $39.99 per month afterwards

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Your TAG TEAM Marketing Independent Marketing Representative Enrollment Fee ($299.99) covers the cost associated with establishing and servicing your business, and enables you to conduct business in the United States. In addition, the $39.99/month Business Support Fee allows you to maintain your business status with TAG TEAM Marketing.

In return, TAG TEAM Marketing covers an extensive range of Marketer and customer support services and provides you with state-of-the-art business building tools. This allows you to focus on building your TAG TEAM Marketing business.

Below are some of the products and services that TAG TEAM Marketing will provide at no additional charge to you:

TAG TEAM Marketing Kit
TAG TEAM Marketing Kit

We will ship you a marketing kit which contains printed materials that can help you get your TAG TEAM Marketing business off to a great start, including:

  • Getting Started Manual
  • Compensation Plan Booklet
  • Moringa Information Booklet
  • Buy Black Movement Brochures
  • Product Flyers
Marketer Support
  • Online & Email Support
  • Personalized Website Link
  • Customized Home Page
  • Instant Notification of Sales
  • Marketer Recognition
Marketer Back-Office Tools
  • Detailed Sales Reports
  • Commission Earning Reports
  • Supporter Tracking
  • Team Management Tools
  • Business Statistics & Graphs
Marketer Training
  • Live Training Events*
  • Live Production Events*
  • On-Demand Training*
  • Marketer Training Courses*
  • Marketer Tips & Highlights *
Customer Support
  • Customer support (email, phone)
  • Online account access
  • Customer account billing
  • Regular product promotion
  • Customer recognition

* Certain training is limited to TAG TEAM Marketers who have earned specific positions. We also offer additional, optional paid training events and conventions.

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"Always consider cost before you go into anything and in figuring out the cost, be sure that there is a margin of profit before you do the thing, otherwise it is not worth while doing."
Marcus Garvey
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